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Columbia Hospitality specializes in consultation to the Public Assembly Facility industry. Columbia's consulting practice, including its Principal, John Christison, has over 125 combined years of experience in the design, construction, operation and management of convention centers, conference centers, arenas, stadiums and theatres throughout North America.

Columbia provides our clients with expertise and practical knowledge gained from years of actual facility management.

Columbia believes that there is a need for specialized services in our industry, which can best be provided by those professionals who have extensive experience in facility operations. We recognize that each assignment is unique in its scope and budget. Columbia has the ability to tailor its services to meet the needs and desires of the client.

Services provided include:

  • Planning

    Columbia can provide planning services in a variety of areas including: feasibility analysis, market analysis, and facility programming.

    Columbia will provide support in assuring that the facility will meet the needs of the client and, that the facility will work the way the client wants it to work. Columbia can also provide assistance to designers if the time comes that you are faced with those difficult value-engineering decisions when the budget just isn't big enough.

  • Venue Management Consulting

    Columbia can assist the client with a myriad of issues related to the successful operation of public assembly facilities, including strategic planning and operational assessments.

    We will develop Request for Proposal or bid documents and procurement processes related to food and beverage services, management services and other contractor provided support services. Columbia can provide temporary operating services to keep a facility running during transition periods.

  • Training

    Columbia provides training in numerous operational areas including: quality guest services, service standards, management development, human resources, crowd management, process improvement, event planning, event management, sales academy.

    All training provided by Columbia is presented by Columbia's staff including our Director of Development Kelley Barrett PhD, SPHR and experts who are part of the Columbia network of experts in those respective fields. Training is tailored to fit the needs of the client and their staff.

  • Facility Condition Assessment

    Columbia can provide facility condition assessments that provide the client with a picture of the physical and functional condition of their facility. This type of assessment can assist the client in understanding the financial requirements needed to properly maintain a facility. These assessments can also be used to determine the cost to renovate vs. the cost to replace a facility based on a Facility Condition Index evaluation. Columbia can assist the client with the development of programs to track lifecycle, repair, replacement and refurbishment needs.
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