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We are privileged to serve extraordinary people. Below are a few of the notes that have inspired, humbled and helped us work through this challenging time together.

From Our Owner and Investor Partners

"I applaud the strong leadership from you and your senior leaders at Columbia Hospitality. Your care for your employees' and customers' health and well-being is obvious. It is your values centered leadership that will see Columbia Hospitality through this historic event. I look forward to participating in the next big event and regular lunch at Columbia property once we are past all this. We value the strong relationship that we have with Columbia Hospitality and look forward to working together in the days ahead of us."

"It is in times like this that real leaders provide a calm and steady hand to guide everyone to do their best. You have a great deal to be proud of."

"Thank you very much for your nice letter. [We] feel very fortunate to have you and your team managing our hotels, especially in this extremely difficult time. I agree with you that let's all stick together to ride out this tough time and we are very much looking forward to celebrating with you and the team when this crazy time is over!"

"I applaud your actions and count again our blessings that we are working with you and your team."

"Please know you have our full faith and confidence and we remain steadfast that we could not have a better partner than Columbia Hospitality to weather this unprecedented storm. I agree that we will look back on this with pride and I'm sure our perspectives and appreciation will be forever changed."

"...The HOA Board chose Columbia Hospitality to be our management partner for a number of reasons. Beyond your breadth of operations, experience and talented people, most important to us, was your commitment to a set of beliefs and values that drive your organization's culture and results to benefit all stakeholders."

"I'm confident Columbia Hospitality has a great plan in place, and that we will all get through these extraordinary times, albeit with an extraordinary effort, and without compromising our values."


From the Residents of Our Residential Properties

"I just wanted to pass on to you a note of appreciation for how your staff is performing during this particular time. They really are terrific and help people feel better about getting through the day-to-day challenges. Keep up the good work and feel free to share this with your staff."

"You and your staff are doing an outstanding job during this crisis. Please extend our appreciation and gratitude to all of them."

"We have been very impressed with Michelle's and the team's response - thanks for checking in. We're clearly in unprecedented territory but the building actually feels rather normal."

"Thank you and your team for keeping Bellevue Tower up and running. Me and my wife appreciate the extra effort you guys put into it. We know it is not easy but you guys are doing a great job!!"

"I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the frequent updates, and also how great the staff have been throughout this challenging time. The maintenance and cleaning staff are so on top of things. Their work ethic and attitude is very much appreciated. The concierge are always so helpful, calm, and supportive to residents."

"Are you aware of any staff needing to stay home with school age kids or losing family income from other jobs? I know staff donations are normally only allowed at the holidays but I was wondering if it would help to temporarily allow staff donations at this time to help those who may be struggling."


From Our Guests

"Your future guests should know that even during difficult times, this is the best place to stay."

"Just a quick note to thank you for your call to check up on me today … I really appreciate your thoughtfulness! I can't imagine all that is coming at you right now and the difficulty of the decisions that need to be made. But even though I don't know you that well (yet!) I can't imagine a better person to be sitting in your seat than you!"


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